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As a fourth year doctoral candidate, in addition to having completed comprehensive examinations and prospectus and working on the dissertation, my thoughts are also turning towards the job market and securing that first academic position. This purpose of this blog is to chronicle the trials and tribulations of completing my Ph.D. and finding that first job.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Stats for July

Sorry these are a couple of days late. As of this moment there are 2266 hits to this blog based upon the straight counter. It read 2095 at the end of June. These hits came from 131 unique visitors: 106 first timers and 37 repeat offenders for an average of 25 visitors a day.

These visitors came from the United States, Canada, and Japan.

Until next month...

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Anonymous carlo75 said...

It is good to know that there are people who keep track of your progress here online. I'm a first timer on your blogsite and I'm sure I'll be a part of the statistics on your next update. Good luck on your dissertation.

1:20 AM

Blogger MKB said...

Thanks Carlo... And now that the semester has started, I'll try and do a better job of keeping this blog more active.


3:22 AM


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