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As a fourth year doctoral candidate, in addition to having completed comprehensive examinations and prospectus and working on the dissertation, my thoughts are also turning towards the job market and securing that first academic position. This purpose of this blog is to chronicle the trials and tribulations of completing my Ph.D. and finding that first job.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Research and Distance Education

As most of you know, my research area of interest is virtual school (see my reserach blog Virtual High School Meanderings). Broadly defined then, my research area would be distance education and over the past month of so there have been two entries dealing with distance education sitting in my blog lines that I wanted to capture somehow in an entry.

Research in Distance Education in Canada from e-Learning Acupuncture

This entry is actually a reflection on an article from the journal International Review of Research in Open and Distance Education, where he looks at the findings that the authors offered based upon what is being researched in distance education in Canada and how are they going about researching it.

Citation Ratings in Distance Education Journals from Virtual Canuck

This entry provides the citation ratings using Google Scholar as the source of the various distance education journals that are out there. His findings were quite interesting, as the two journals with the highest scores were both the Canadian journals from the list (also the only two which were open access journals with full text of the articles available online). But interesting nonetheless.

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