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As a fourth year doctoral candidate, in addition to having completed comprehensive examinations and prospectus and working on the dissertation, my thoughts are also turning towards the job market and securing that first academic position. This purpose of this blog is to chronicle the trials and tribulations of completing my Ph.D. and finding that first job.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Final Thoughts on AECT 2005 - I promise

Okay, only because a good friend of mine provided it for me, and only a week after AECT 2005... If you have read much of this blog, or my contributions to any other blog, when the topic of AECT and its annual meeting comes up, I am known to compare to it an organization similar in size, similar in purpose, and even similar in membership, AACE.

Well, a week after AECT 2005 ended the AACE held one of its three annual conferences... e-Learn from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Now, before AECT we had all sorts of wonderful ideas about using the Overlay and Skype as a way to provide a virtual presence for everyone at the annual meeting. I even recall reading about how I'dbe able to sit in a room and by using my Skype be able to tell which others may be sitting in the same room, and then converse with those individuals about the session we were sitting in or anything else that tickled our fancy. Access to the Overlay would provide us with a way to plan out gatherings, official and social, along with give us a place to discuss what we were getting from various sessions at the annual meeting. As you can see from clicking on the Overlay link, little of this happened due to the fact that AECT was not able to provide wireless access for the conference (yet again). The lack of wireless also rendered the Skype thing impossible as well.

Well, a week later a friend of mine went to AACE's e-Learn in Vancouver. As normal, AACE brought their own system along and in addition to setting up a bank of computers to be used as an e-mail lab for conference goers (something else AECT didn't have this year), they were able to provide their own wireless cloud (as they always do).

Here are some of the entries from my friend that came from this situation:
Imagine what the masses of us at AECT could have done, had we had similar access to the Internet.

This entry has been cross-posed in both my blog area at the Overlay and my academic blog (i.e., Breaking into the Academy).

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Blogger MKB said...

Just a note to add a final entry that was posted about e-Learn 2005 by my friend Raj entitled " ELearn 2005 - Final thoughts - ePortfolios and Presence" which can be found at http://idarknight.blogspot.com/2005/10/elearn-2005-final-thoughts-eportfolios.html

8:21 AM


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